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Pacific Northwest Quarterly, Volume 103, Number 1 (Winter 2011-2012)


State-to-State Relations, Madison River Water, and Reclamation Politics in the 1930s. Hugh T. Lovin, 3-12

Conflict and Fire: Community Tensions Surrounding the Big Blowup. Thomas A. Krainz, 13-24

Talking Points: The Debate about Teachers' Cottages and Women's Place in Education, 1905-1920. Lynette L. Felber, 25-35


Mark Fiege, The Republic of Nature: An Environmental History of the United States, by David Arnold, 36

Barbara F. Cochran, Seven Frontier Women and the Founding of Spokane Falls, edited by Suzanne Bamonte and Tony Bamonte, by Holly Geroge, 37

Dori Jones Yang, comp., Voices of the Second Wave: Chinese Americans in Seattle, by Shelton Woods, 38

Lorraine McConaghy, New Land, North of the Columbia: Historic Documents That Tell the Story of Washington State from Territory to Today, by Joshua M. Rice, 39

W. Hudson Kensel, Dude Ranching in Yellowstone Country: Larry Larom and Valley Ranch, 1915-1969, by Michael M. Miller, 39

Patricia Susan Hart, A Home for Every Child: The Washington Children's Home Society in the Progressive Era, by Xi Chen, 40

Jack T. Sanders, Samuel Rothchild: A Jewish Pioneer in the Days of the Old West, by Leonard Dinnerstein, 41

Betty A. Bergland and Lori Ann Lahlum, eds., Norwegian American Women: Migration, Communities, and Identities, by Mary Elizabeth Ailes, 42

Karen Kirtley, ed., Eminent Astorians: From John Jacob Astor to the Salmon Kings, and Astorians: Eccentric and Extraordinary, by Jeffrey A. Zelmer, 43

Shelley Sang-Hee Lee, Claiming the Oriental Gateway: Prewar Seattle and Japanese America, by Eric Cunningham, 44

William G. Robbins and Katherine Barber, Nature's Northwest: The North Pacific Slope in the Twentieth Century, by Douglas W. Dodd, 45

Chad Miller, ed., Cities and Nature in the American West, by Robert Wellman Campbell, 45

Andrew Lambert, The Gates of Hell: Sir John Franklin's Tragic Quest for the North West Passage, by Daniel R. Vogel, 46

Darlene Southwell, Caring and Compassion: A History of the Sisters of St. Ann in Health Care in British Columbia; and Walt Crowley, David W. Wilma, and HistoryLink Staff, Hope on the Hill: The First Centruy of Seattle Children's Hospital, by Karen Walloch, 47

Dan Raley, Pithcers of Beer: The Story of the Seattle Rainiers, by C. David Allen, 48

Jennifer M. Ross-Nazzal, Winning the West for Women: The Life of Suffragist Emma Smith DeVoe; and Robert W. Cherny, Mary Ann Irwin, and Anne Marie Wilson, California Women and Politics: From the Gold Rush to the Great Depression, by Loretta Kensinger, 49

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Sean Lanksbury, 51

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