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Pacific Northwest Quarterly, Volume 102, Number 4 (Fall 2011)


Idaho's "Aryan" Education: Martin Luther King, Jr., Day and Racial Politics. Jill K. Gill, 159-177

Russian Maritime Catastrophes during the Colonization of Alaska, 1741-1867. Andrei V. Grinëv, 178-194


Eric Jay Dolin, Fur, Fortune, and Empire: The Epic History of the Fur Trade in America; Ann M. Carlos and Frank D. Lewis, Commerce by a Frozen Sea: Native Americans and the European Fur Trade; and James R. Fichter, So Great a Proffit: How the East Indies Trade Transformed Anglo-American Capitalism, by Cary C. Collins, 195-197

Peter Boag, Re-Dressing America's Frontier Past, by Blake Allmendinger, 197

Joseph E. Taylor III, Pilgrims of the Vertical: Yosemite Rock Climbers and Nature at Risk, by Andy Kirk, 198

Aldona Jonaitis and Aaron Glass, The Totem Pole: An Intercultural History, by Francis Goicovich, 198

Hill Williams, Made in Hanford: The Bomb That Changed the World; and John M. Findlay and Bruce Hevly, Atomic Frontier Days: Hanford and the American West, by George E. Webb, 199

Carol E. Mayer and Anthony Shelton, eds., The Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia, by Thomas Walker, 201

Samuel E. Kelly, with Quintard Taylor, Dr. Sam, Soldier, Educator, Advocate, Friend: An Autobiography, by Kimberly Jensen, 201

Steve Kahn, The Hard Way Home: Alaska Stories of Adventure, Friendship, and the Hunt, by Greg Urquhart, 202

Wallace G. Lewis, In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark: Early Commemorations and the Origins of the National Historic Trail, by James Blackshear, 203

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Sean Lanksbury, 204

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