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Pacific Northwest Quarterly, Volume 102, Number 3 (Summer 2011)


Emma Ray in Black and White: The Intersection of Race, Region, and Religion. Priscilla Pope-Levison, 107-116

An Investigation of the Working and Living Conditions of Migratory Laborers in the Pacific Northwest, 1914. Gregory R. Woirol, 117-131.

Transforming the Tidelands: Japanese Labor in Washington's Oystering Communities before 1942. Kathleen Whalen Fry, 132-143


Paul D. McDermott, Ronald E. Grim, and Philip Mobley, Eye of the Explorer: Views of the Northern Pacific Railroad Survey, 1853-54, by Benjamin Schwantes, 144

Jeff Berglund and Jan Roush, eds., Sherman Alexie: A Collection of Critical Essays, by Chad Wriglesworth, 144

Gerald W. Williams, The U.S. Forest Service in the Pacific Northwest: A History, by Frederick L. Brown, 145

Erlinda V. Gonzales-Berry and Marcela Mendoza, Mexicanos in Oregon: Their Stories, Their Lives, by Lynn Stephen, 146

Terrence Cole, Fighting for the Forty-Ninth Star: C. W. Snedden and the Crusade for Alaska Statehood, by William R. Hunt, 147

Janice Cavell and Jeff Noakes, Acts of Occupation: Canada and Arctic Sovereignty, 1918-1925, by Jonathan R. Hunt, 148

Jeffery Craig Sanders, Seattle and the Roots of Urban Sustainability: Inventing Ecotopia, by Andrew Forney, 149

Orlan Svingen, ed., Splendid Service: The Montana National Guard, 1867-2006, by Adam Rinkleff, 149

Joan Singler, Jean Durning, Bettylou Valentine, and Maid Adams, Seattle in Black and White: The Congress of Racial Equality and the Fight for Equal Opportunity, by Michael Jimenez, 150

Avel Louise Gordly, with Patricia A. Schechter, Remembering the Power of Words: The Life of an Oregon Activist, Legislator, and Community Leader, by Beth Hessel-Robinson, 151

David M. Emmons, Beyond the American Pale: The Irish in the West, 1845-1910, by Andrew Urban, 152

Roxanne Willis, Alaska's Place in the West: From the Last Frontier to the Last Great Wilderness, by James Jenkins, 153

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Sean Lanksbury, 155

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