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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 102 Number 2 (Spring 2011)


A Thousand Mile Summer: The Henderson-Kirtley 1895 Reconnaissance of Central Idaho. Rhoda M. Love, 55-66

From Treasure Room to Archives: The McWhorter Papers and the State College of Washington. Trevor James Bond, 67-78

Highland Warriors or "Scotch Coolies"? Hebridean Crofters in British Columbia, 1887-1893. Timothy S. Forest, 79-88


Robert H. Ruby, A Doctor among the Oglala Sioux Tribe: The Letters of Robert H. Ruby, 1953-1954, edited by Cary C. Collins and Charles V. Mutschler, by Robert W. Galler, Jr. 91

Thomas R. Cox, The Lumberman's Frontier: Three Centuries of Land Use, Society and Change in America's Forests, by Steven C. Beda, 47

Virginia Scharff and Carolyn Brucken, Home Lands: How Women Made the West; and Jane Stevenson, The Railroader's Wife: Letters from the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, by Elaine Naylor, 93

Andrew H. Fisher, Shadow Tribe: The Making of Columbia River Indian Identity, by Brian Gillis, 94

Verlaine Stoner McDonald, The Red Corner: The Rise and Fall of Communism in Northeastern Montana, by Larry Knopp, 94

Brian Booth and Glen A. Love, eds., Davis Country: H.L. Davis's Northwest, by Dan Lamberton, 96

Jerome A. Greene, Beyond Bear's Paw: The Nez Perce Indians in Canada, by Timothy J. LeBeau, 96

Pricilla Wegars, Imprisoned in Paradise: Japanese Internee Road Workers at the World War II Kooskia Internment Camp, by Arthur A Hansen, 98

Robert J. Bigart, Getting Good Crops: Economic and Diplomatic Survival Strategies of the Montana Bitterroot Salish Indians, 1870-1891, by Kurt E. Kinbacher, 98

Bruce McIntyre Watson, Lives Lived West of the Divide: A Biographical Dictionary of Fur Traders Working West of the Rockies, 1793-1858, by Robert Foxcurran, 99

Charles Wilkenson, The People Are Dancing Again: The History of the Siletz Tribe of Western Oregon, by David G. Lewis, 100

John R. Bockstoce, Furs and Frontiers in the Far North: The Contest among Native and Foreign Nations for the Bering Strait Fur Trade, by Meleisa Ono 101

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Sean Lanksbury, 103

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