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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 101 Number 1 (Winter 2009/2010)


Normal Schools of the Pacific Northwest: The Lifelong Impact of Extracurricular Club Activities on Women Students at Teacher-Training Institutions. Karen J. Blair, 3-16

Chief Cleveland Kamiakin and 20th-Century Political Change on the Colville Reservation. Richard D. Scheuerman and Michael O. Finley, 17-27

Selling Salmon: The Use of Female Images in Marketing Canned Fish. Lisa Mighetto, 28-31


Lorraine McConaghy, Warship under Sail: The USS Decatur in the Pacific West, by Amy S. Greenberg, 33-34

John Douglas Belshaw, Becoming British Columbia: A Population History, by Timothy Forest, 34-35

Gordon Morris Bakken and Brenda Farrington, Women Who Kill Men: California Courts, Gender, and the Press, by Randolph Roth, 35

Shanna Stevenson, Women's Votes, Women's Voices: The Campaign for Equal Rights in Washington, by Barbara Evans Newman, 35-36

Rosemary Cunningham, Bravo! The History of Opera in British Columbia, by John Bokina, 36-37

Nicolette Bromberg, with the A-Y-P Rephotographic Project by John Stamets, Picturing the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition: The Photographs of Frank H. Nowell, by Rod Slemmons, 37-38

John Sutton Lutz, ed., Myth and Memory: Stories of Indigenous-European Contact, by Josh L. Reid, 38

Adam Duncan Harris, Wildlife in American Art: Masterworks from the National Museum of Wildlife Art, by Mia Merendino, 39

Charles Potts, Inside Idaho: Poems, 1996-2007, by Philip Heldrich, 39-40

James Wood, Militia Myths: Ideas of the Canadian Citizen Soldier, 1896-1921, by J. Overton, 40-41

Louis Fiset, Camp Harmony: Seattle's Japanese Americans and the Puyallup Assembly Center, by Sophia Goode, 41-42

John Sutton Lutz, Makuk: A New History of Aboriginal-White Relations, by Tabitah Erdey, 42

Tony Angell, Puget Sound through an Artist's Eye, by Tyler H. Budge, 42-43

Masako Fukawa, with Stanley Fukawa and the Nikkei Fisherman's History Book Committee, Spirit of the Nikkei Fleet: B.C.'s Japanese Canadian Fishermen, by Ron Verzuh, 44-45

Christopher F. Roth, Becoming Tsimshian: The Social Life of Names, by Mary-Ellen Kelm, 45

Louis L. Renne, A Kindly Providence: An Alaskan Missionary's Story, 1926-2006, by Randi Jones Walker, 46-47

Francois Mandeville, This Is What They Say, ed. and trans. Ron Scollon, by Sondra Jones, 47

Elliott West, The Last Indian War: The Nez Perce Story, by Jennifer Corrinne Brown, 48

More Ways to Enjoy Pacific Northwest Quarterly online, 49

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Sean Lanksbury, 50-52

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