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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 100 Number 1 (Winter 2008/2009)
Special Issue: Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Centennial, part 1


Fair City: Seattle as Host of the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition. John M. Findlay, 3-11

How "Arts Assists Nature": The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in the Pacific Northwest Landscape. Thaisa Way, 12-22

The Pay Streak Spectacle: Representations of Race and Gender in the Amusement Quarters of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition. Manish Chalana, 23-36


Carlos A. Schwantes and James P. Ronda, The West the Railroads Made, by Brian Casserly, 37

Ann Fienup-Riordan, Yuungnaqpiallerput/The Way We Genuinely Live: Master-Works of Yup'ik Science and Survival; and Miisaq/Frank Andrew, Sr., Paitarkiutenka/My Legacy to You, ed. Ann Fienup-Riordan, by Mary Jane Lenz, 38-39

Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, Lionel H. Pries, Architect, Artist, Educator, by Christine G. O'Malley, 39

Jerome A. Green, Stricken Field: The Little Bighorn since 1876, by David A. Wolff, 40

Thomas R. Cox, Trials and Triumphs: The First Presbyterian Church of Pocatello, Idaho, 1904-2004, by Jill K. Gill, 40-41

Max G. Geier, Necessary Work: Discovering Old Forests, New Outlooks, and Community on the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest, 1948-2000, by George Lubick, 41-42

Elizabeth Jameson and Sheila McManus, eds., One Step over the Line: Towards a History of Women in the North American Wests, by Laurel Halladay, 42-43

J. Diane Pearson, The Nez Perces in the Indian Territory: Nimiipuu Survival, by Brandi Hilton-Hagemann, 43-44

Gabrielle Slowey, Navigating Neoliberalism: Self-Determination and the Mikisew Cree First Nation, by Brian Calliou, 44-45

Joseph Homme, Cures and Chaos: The Life and Times of Dr. Vincent Hume and His Impact on a Frontier Alaska Town, by David A. Walker, 45-46

James P. McGoldrick II, The Spokane Aviation Story, 1910-1941, by Joseph J. Krulder, 46-47

MacLaren, I. S., ed., Culturing Wilderness in Jasper National Park: Studies in Two Centuries of Human History in the Upper Athabasca River Watershed, by Miles A. Powell, 47-48

Janice Marschner, Oregon 1859: A Snapshot in Time, by Katrine Barber, 48

Carl Abbott, How Cities Won the West: Four Centuries of Urban Change in Western North America, by Josh Sides, 49

A Century of Pacific Northwest Quarterly, 50

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis, 51-52

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