UW Emergency Management

February 12, 2018

Earthquake Awareness and Personal Preparedness Seminars

As you may have already noted from this Whole U Staff Story, one UWEM staff member is bringing the long-standing Earthquake Awareness and Personal Preparedness seminar to the campus at large.

These seminars are available to all UW Faculty, Staff and Students, and will be offered around the Seattle campus on a monthly basis February – September 2018.

Topics discussed include:

  1. An overview of UW Emergency Management, and the services we offer
  2. The earthquake risk specific to Puget Sound
  3. Personal Preparedness basics
  4. Earthquake “response” at the University of Washington
  5. Resources for more information/help


The schedule is currently is as follows (but subject to change). Keep an eye out for registration via Whole U events!

  • February 15th: UW Tower, 1-2pm
  • March 15th: HUB 250, 2-3pm
  • April: Alder Hall Auditorium, date and time TBD
  • May 18th, Facilities Services Training Center: Noon-1pm
  • June 19th, Kane Hall Rm 110: 6-7pm
  • July: Health Sciences, date and time TBD
  • August 15th, Allen Auditorium: 1-2pm
  • September 14th, UW Tower: 10-11am