UW Emergency Management

November 12, 2016

Saying goodbye to an old friend

Effective November 12, 2016, the UWEM department and our 24/7 Duty Officer program, will no longer be using our old analog pager as a means of contacting staff during off-hours  As have many other pager (or “beeper”) customers over the past few years, we found that this alternative communication mode is used very infrequently.  With just 6 valid messages received over the past year, a decision was made to retire our pager.  It is happily joining our growing collection of CD-ROM players, cassette recorders and flip-phones in the pending surplus department delivery!

If you had the old 206-797-0176 UWEM pager # in your contact list, please remove it.  Of course, we still maintain our 24/7 Duty Officer cell #: 206-765-7192.