Department of Urology


The Department of Urology has an outstanding research program that is at the core of its mission. The model that has been successful in the Department is a close alliance of basic and clinical researchers in Research Centers of Excellence jointly led by a Physician-Scientist and PhD faculty member(s).

Today there are eight PhD Research Faculty. The Department has been very successful in securing federal research support, and in 2005 was ranked #3 in the nation for NIH funding of Urology Departments. All mature Centers of Excellence are supported by combinations of federal, foundation and private funds.

In addition, professor emeritus Dr. Paul Lange has spent considerable effort to establish the Institute of Prostate Cancer Research (IPCR) which supports research activities of approximately 15 programs at the UW and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. He also serves as the current Director of the IPCR.

The Department has retained a Research Year in its residency program, to better support its mission of developing future Physician-Scientists. Residents are encouraged to accept the support of the Training Grant to help groom them for an academic career as physician-scientists in fields of translational research. Research opportunities are also available for participants in our various fellowships.