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Department of Urology


​The Visiting Student Clinical Elective Program accepts medical students from schools accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education or the Education Department of the American Osteopathic Association who want to pursue clinical elective courses at the University of Washington.

Visiting students can schedule a maximum of 24 credits (12 weeks) depending on the availability of a rotation. After reaching the maximum, a student may not reapply for the next year as this is an absolute limit.

Your clerkship dates must correspond with our Clinical Elective Schedule. You must start at the beginning of the block(s) and finish at the end of the block(s).

To Apply: 
Please contact Clerkship Coordinator for availability: Cassie Chatelain, or 206-543-7365.
For the Urology Sub-internship, do not apply to VSAS until you have been approved by the department.
Students may rank their preferred dates on VSAS but preferences are not guaranteed.
​You must meet all eligibility requirements of the Visiting Student Clinical Elective Program.
Complete the VSAS application online and upload all supplemental materials to VSAS. No action will be taken on your application until it is complete. Departments may not “pre-enroll” or hold spaces for potential visiting students, regardless of their intent or qualifications.

Cancelations: You must withdraw at least 6 weeks before your starting date. Fees are non-refundable. All cancelations and changes must be made in writing to the Clerkship Coordinator.