Department of Urology

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Department administration


Hunter Wessells, department chair, 206-221-2628
Joseph Meno, director of administration and finance, 206-685-3469
Ryan O’Connor, assistant to the chair, 206-221-2628
Renee Kyle, assistant to the director, 206-543-4740

Finance and research administration

Vicki Gribben, administrator, research and finance, 206-221-5799
Xue-Ping Hou, fiscal specialist, 206-543-3478
Anneliese Tunison, budget fiscal unit supervisor, 206-543-0989
Daniel Wenger, grants specialist, 206-221-9269

Personnel, education, and communications

Serena Newhall, manager, human resources and faculty affairs, 206-221-5869
Jessica Green, program administrator, education, 206-685-1982
Cassie Chatelain, education and human resources coordinator, 206-543-7354
Nicole Johns, public information specialist, 206-685-9591

General department inquiries: