Department of Urology

August 3, 2018

Welcome to Professor Li Xin, Ph.D. and his Lab Team

We are pleased to announce the arrival this week of Professor Li Xin, Ph.D., and his lab team, from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. Dr. Xin will sit as the Pritt Chair in translational prostate cancer research. His team currently has several active R-Level NIH grants, which will aid their work with the Department of Urology. Dr. Xin and his team will be located at South Lake Union. Please join us in welcoming them!

Pictured below:
Kai Zhang, Ph.D., Senior Fellow
Deyong Jia, Ph.D., Senior Fellow
Oh-Joon Kwon, Ph.D., Acting Instructor
Hunter Wessells, M.D., Department Chair
Professor Li Xin, Ph.D
Xing Wei, Ph.D., Senior Fellow
Zhicheng Zhou, Ph.D., Senior Fellow

Not Pictured: Li Zhang, M.Sc., Lab Manager

From left: Kai Zhang, Deyong Jia, Oh-Joon Kwon, Dr. Hunter Wessells, Dr. Li Xin, Xing Wei, Li Zhang

From left: Kai Zhang, Deyong Jia, Oh-Joon Kwon, Dr. Wessells, Dr. Xin, Xing Wei, Li Zhang