Department of Urology

June 6, 2017

Dr. Suzette Sutherland Appointed President of the Society of Women in Urology

Dr. Suzette Sutherland

The Society of Women in Urology (SWIU) last month appointed Associate Professor Suzette Sutherland, MD, to a one-year term as President, effective May 2017. Since 1980, the SWIU has supported the professional development and career advancement of women urologists and urologic researchers through education, advocacy, and mentorship at all stages of their careers.

Of the five officers of the board of SWIU, notably three are faculty in the UW Department of Urology: Dr. Sutherland; Professor Claire Yang, MD, Chief of Service at Harborview Medical Center, who serves as Secretary of the Board; and Associate Professor Kathleen Kieran, MD, a pediatric urologist at Seattle Children’s who serves as Treasurer of the Board. All three have been members of the SWIU for several years.

In her role as President, Dr. Sutherland conducts the overall management of the SWIU, including organizing the annual meeting of the group in January, to be held in Henderson, Nevada in 2018. Dr. Sutherland holds the formal title of Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board of the Directors of the SWIU as well.

Among Dr. Sutherland’s goals for the year are raising awareness among female urologists and researchers, particularly residents, of the opportunities available to them via membership and participation in the SWIU, and creating more and better opportunities for networking with other women in the field. Female residents in urology are automatically members of the SWIU – no dues are required during the entirety of residency – but a surprising number of residents are not aware of this benefit and thus don’t take advantage of the Society’s resources.

Dr. Sutherland, who is Director of the UW Medicine Pelvic Health Center, completed her medical degree and urologic training at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and University Hospital of Cleveland in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Sutherland has gained further specialty training in female urology to include urinary incontinence and voiding dysfunction, urodynamics, neuromodulation, pelvic prolapse and reconstructive surgery, pelvic floor disorders and female sexual dysfunction from the Center for Continence Care and Female Urology in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, and from the Institute for Sexual Medicine in Boston.