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Undergraduate Research Program

About SIAH 2016

Excitations: Energy Studies in the Arts and Humanities

June 20 – August 19, 2016


The next anticipated application cycle will be for Summer 2018

This year’s institute provides students an opportunity to undertake original research on the role of energy in the arts and humanities. Energy touches all aspects of our lives. Because of this, the concept of energy has been important in fields as diverse as science, philosophy, art, music, history, politics, and cultural theory. Students will consider how energy is sensed or visualized. They will investigate how energy helps form natural rhythms and what these rhythms mean. They will explore how the use of technology has changed how researchers think about or manipulate energy. And they will consider how thinking in terms of energy can change how they choose to live in the world.

Students will attend lectures, seminars, small group critique, workshops, and tutorial sessions. Students will read and discuss theoretical readings and engage in digital and physical forms of making, such as 3d printing, photograms, sound editing, video editing, physical computing, and Photoshop. Students will then complete a significant project that reflects their unique insights into the role of energy in the arts and humanities. The forms for these projects may include scholarly research, performances in music / sound / drama, visual artworks / installations, and creative writing. The institute will culminate in a “works in progress exhibition” as well as a daylong seminar where students will present or perform their research.