Undergraduate Research Program

Speaker schedule

Winter 2016

January 6

Jennifer Harris and Tiffany Pan
Undergraduate Research Program

Introduction to Undergraduate Research

January 13

Photo of Michael Khbeis


Michael Khbeis
Washington Nanofabrication Facility

Nano/Microfabrication: Fabrication Basics

January 20

Photo of Carolyn Pinedo Turnovsky


Carolyn Pinedo Turnovsky
American Ethnic Studies; Law, Societies and Justice

Framing New Narratives about Being Undocumented and Claims-making

January 27

Photo of Emma Spiro


Emma Spiro
Information School

Rumoring on Social Media during Crisis

February 3

Photo of Verónica Di Stilio


Verónica Di Stilio

Flowers: Endless forms most beautiful

February 10

Photo of Laura Prugh


Laura Prugh
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

Understanding species interactions to improve wildlife conservation and management

February 17

Photo of Phillip Thurtle


Phillip Thurtle
Comparative History of Ideas

Excitations: Energy Studies in the Arts and Humanities




Photo of Joel Ong


Joel Ong
Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media

Excitations: Energy Studies in the Arts and Humanities

February 24

Photo of Scott Reynolds


Scott Reynolds
Foster School of Business

March 2

Undergraduate Research Leaders Panel
Undergraduate Research Program

March 9

Final Quiz @ regular time and place (12:30-1:20 PM, OUGL 220)