Undergraduate Research Program

Dianne Laboy Cintrón

Laboy Cintron, Dianne

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Minor: Quantitative Sciences
Mentor: Heather Mefford, Pediatrics

Contact: laboyd@uw.edu

Current research project: Functional Analysis of an ARPC4 Variant Associated with Microcephaly


Translate your work so that we can all understand its importance

I am part of the Medford Lab where we study the genetic causes of neurological and pediatric disorders. I use genomic tools to find mutations that cause disease. As well as biological assays to comprehend the molecular mechanisms that lead to disease.


When, how, and why did you get involved in undergraduate research?
During high school, I participated in Science Olympiad, where I was encouraged to apply for a summer internships at the University of Washington. From that moment my research journey began at the Imaizumi Lab the summer before my freshman year through the UW GenOM Project.


What advice would you give a student who is considering getting involved in undergraduate research?
I would encourage any student who is interested in research to not be afraid to get involved. When I started doing research I was not confident in my own skills. However, along the way I began to comprehend that research skills are learned along the way with the support of mentors and hard work.