Undergraduate Research Program

Winter 2019 Speaker Schedule

Winter 2019: Research Exposed! Population Health

This winter quarter, Research Exposed is teaming up with the UW Population Health Initiative to offer a series of faculty lectures focused on human health, environmental resilience, and social and economic equity. For students interested in the intersecting factors that influence the outcomes and quality of human health, Research Exposed will offer insight into and opportunities to participate in ongoing research at UW. See the UW Time Schedule (SLN 15030) to register.

Course: GEN ST 391D  SLN: 15030

All lectures are scheduled for Wednesdays from 12:30-1:20 pm in Odegaard room 220.

January 9

Course Introduction
Jennifer Harris and Juandalyn Burke
Undergraduate Research Program

Population Health Introduction
Derek Fulwiler
Population Health Initiative

January 16

Global Burden of Disease: Understanding Health Disparities
Ali Mokdad
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation


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January 23

Obesity and Social Disparities in Diets and Health

Adam Drewnowski
Public Health


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January 30

Developing Sustainable Infrastructure for Cities
Gundula Proksch
Built Environments


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February 6

Homelessness Research Initiative: Understanding Housing and Food Insecurity among University of Washington Students
Rachel Fyall
Evans School of Public Policy and Governance


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February 13

Understanding how Social and Cultural Factors Influence the Health of Latinx and American Indian Communities

India Ornelas
Public Health



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February 20

REFUGEES Project: Oral Health among Immigrant Populations
Ana Lucia Seminario


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February 27

Benefits of Nature Contact to Human Health
Greg Bratman
College of the Environment


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March 6

Undergraduate Researchers Panel
Undergraduate Research Program