Spring 2014 Collegium Seminars lineup

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Congratulations, freshmen! You made it to spring quarter! Undoubtedly, you’ve checked off many items on your first-year-at-the-UW-to-do list. But have you taken a Collegium Seminar yet? They are only for freshmen so this quarter is your last chance! These unique classes are a great way to fill out your schedule. Take a class that’s a… Read More

Winter 2014 lineup for Collegium Seminars

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Winters in Seattle are an ideal time to stretch your academic interests. Here, freshmen can find a number of interesting classes to fill our their schedules. Take a class that’s a little different from what you normally take. Collegium Seminars are low-risk (they’re 1 credit, credit/no credit); they’re taught by some of the UW’s best… Read More

Autumn 2013 lineup for Freshman Collegium Seminars

Innovative Teaching

It’s your first year at the UW. You’re looking for an interesting class to fill out your schedule, maybe a class that’s a little different from what you normally have to take. You don’t want another classroom with the desks arranged in rows. You want something fresh, lively, maybe a little off-beat. You want a… Read More