Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Communications Mission, Values & Vision


The communications office in Undergraduate Academic Affairs employs integrated communications strategies, tactics, and services to help UAA fulfill its mission and achieve its goals. By telling the story of how UAA programs, initiatives, and services deepen, enrich, and define the UW undergraduate experience, we communicate the importance of UAA to our key publics including UW faculty, staff, students, and the broader public.

UAA staff communication tool

UAA2UAA@uw.edu is an informal and quick way for UAA staff to communicate directly with one another about work-related topics. It is an unmoderated email list for UAA staff members; membership is voluntary and self-managed.

To communicate with your UAA colleagues via this tool, be sure you’ve signed up for it and then simply send your email to UAA2UAA@uw.edu.



We seek to find innovative, creative, and well-designed solutions to communications issues to connect with our audience on an intellectual and emotional level. UAA is a lively, inspired organization and communications representing it should be imaginative, effective, and smart.


We promote the work of UAA and describe the undergraduate experience honestly and openly. Our use of human, fiscal, and environmental resources is aimed at conservation, value, and care.


We work in partnership with UAA programs and with communications colleagues across campus to further the common mission and goals of the University.


We incorporate immediate and broad goals, multiple perspectives, and data to drive priorities and determine communications approaches. We strive to be both proactive and responsive in our work.


In the next few years, the communications office will institutionalize communications processes, policies, and practices within UAA to further UAA’s mission and goals. Through planned and opportunistic communications, we will increase the recognition of UAA and the undergraduate experience across and beyond campus. The work of the communications office will become more data-driven using measured results of communications activities and products to guide future initiatives. Finally, in the next few years, we will better integrate technology and new media to more dynamically tell our story.

UAA Communications Staff
Kirsten Atik
Communications Director
220 Mary Gates Hall
Box 352800
Seattle, WA 98195

Phone: (206) 221-6130
Fax: (206) 616-7105
Email: katik@uw.edu