Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Mission, Vision & Values


Undergraduate Academic Affairs shapes, advances, and stewards a world-class undergraduate academic experience for students at the University of Washington. We deepen and enrich the learning experience for all undergraduates, recognizing and supporting the unique learning path of each individual student and the commitment of each academic program to excellence in teaching and learning.


Our vision is to enhance and invigorate the undergraduate experience at the University of Washington. By reaching across campus and into the community, we build partnerships that are recognized as national models, creating transformational opportunities for students of all backgrounds. We cultivate academic engagement through mentorships, learning communities, service and research experiences, cutting-edge classrooms, and new paths to learning for both students and faculty. Excitement and passion drive our work.



We fiercely advocate for a transformative undergraduate experience for every student. We support both faculty and students as they expand their ideas of what they can do and become.


We create and engage in reciprocal partnerships, which are powerful tools for advancing and supporting the undergraduate experience.


Thinking intentionally about one’s experience and goals increases learning and fosters personal growth.


We are responsive, transparent, and ethical.


We are creative, flexible, and resourceful in our daily work. We create and use new knowledge, approaches, and solutions, identifying emerging needs for the university.


Diversity is essential to a free society. We actively promote a university environment that embraces the potential of all individuals and is intellectually open to all ideas, people, and groups.