Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Diversity & Inclusion Team


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UAA staff members interested in being involved in the the UAA D&I Team are encouraged to subscribe to the listserv and attend meetings as you are able.

Email Jodene Davis at jodene@uw.edu.

October 12, 171E MGH
November 9, 224 MGH
December 14, 224 MGH
January 11, 171E MGH
February 8, 171E MGH
March 8, 171E MGH
April 12, 171E MGH
May 10, 171E MGH
June 7, 171E MGH

The Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA) Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Team provides a space for UAA staff members to discuss, learn about, and facilitate a community around issues of diversity, inclusion, social justice, race and equity. Through regular opportunities, UAA staff are invited to engage in the following ways:

  • Contribute and share personal perspective and experiences.
  • Participate in active and reflective discussions and events and initiatives that address diversity, inclusion, social justice, race and equity issues;
  • Exchange diversity, inclusion, social justice, race and equity resources;

Desired Outcomes

  • Increased feeling of community and belonging
  • Individual learning and self-development
  • Understanding of each other and each other’s work

What We Do

  • Monthly meetings with reflective and active components
  • Annual retreat
  • Resource sharing
  • Limited programming for all UAA focused on learning and social events

D&I Team Norms and Practices


Everyone in UAA is welcome. Participation is voluntary. Join when you want and are able to.

Attitude and behaviors for meetings and events
  • Assume best intentions and accept your impact;
  • Provide background when giving input (when possible);
  • Anyone is welcome, anytime;
    • Focus on intentionality;
    • Make/leave space during conversations
    • W.A.I.T.: “Why Am I Talking?”

D&I Leadership

Leadership and facilitation of the D&I Team and its activities rotates annually. Express your interest at any time to the current facilitators and/or you will have an opportunity to volunteer in the spring when the D&I Team begins preparing for the following year.


Meeting and event announcements, reminders, agendas, and notes are distributed via email listserv and/or a shared Google drive and are available to all staff in UAA.

Monthly meetings

Monthly meetings are held in the afternoon to accommodate later work shifts. Meetings are typically held in Mary Gates Hall, are agenda driven and, in 2016-2018 facilitated by co-leads Jodene Davis, Kathryn Grubbs, Nani Vishwanath. A variety of formats are used to encourage interaction and inclusion.

The monthly agenda is created using a template and includes the inclusively and annually created “norms” (see above) visually presented on each meeting’s agenda.

Content is inspired by current issues and events, team members’ contributions, and facilitator preference. Each meeting includes an opportunity for at least one team member to workshop or share a best practice.

In 2016-2017, topics/projects included: balancing values, political activity and public employee status; risks versus benefits of incorporating gender pronouns in programming; personal civic engagement and areas of influence; creating intentional spaces for respectful dialogue and personal safety; critical view of acknowledgement language; mapping sub-unit equity goals to the 2017-2021 UW Diversity Blueprint.