Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Diversity and Inclusion

UAA Diversity and Inclusion Team Overview

UAA’s mission is to shape, advance, and steward a world-class undergraduate academic experience for students at the University of Washington. We deepen and enrich the learning experience for all undergraduates, recognizing and supporting the unique learning path of each individual student and the commitment of each academic program to excellence in teaching and learning.


The UAA Diversity and Inclusion Team brings together representatives from across UAA to implement activities that guide UAA towards a fully engaged, inclusive community culture. The team’s focus is critical to UAA’s mission. Students learn better in a diverse, supportive environment—it is part of what makes a world-class undergraduate academic experience. Staff are also more productive and innovative when our programs, processes, and community culture values and respects differences. These qualities in turn help us to deepen and enrich the learning experience for all undergraduates.

This year the team will identify commonalities between UAA programs which relate to diversity and inclusion, and lead UAA in accomplishing 1-3 related goals. The UAA Diversity and Inclusion Team will (1) determine the metrics and process to assess UAA progress on established goals; and (2) develop, sponsor, and/or disseminate resources to UAA that support diversity and inclusion goals. With the support of the dean, directors, and UAA staff, the team will incorporate team recommendations into UAA’s work processes. Additionally, the team will serve in an advisory capacity to the Dean of UAA on select matters relating to inclusion and community in UAA.

Membership Details and Expectations

The team membership should reflect all of UAA. Team membership is expected to include staff from across UAA, representing the broad array of programs within our unit.

Members are expected to:

  • attend monthly, 1.5 hour meetings,
  • complete some work outside of the meetings, and
  • update their unit/program on the team’s progress, activities, and needs.

Meetings are scheduled to best accommodate team members when possible.

Get involved

We encourage membership from UAA staff who want to deliberately reflect on UAA programs and processes, and lead UAA toward a more inclusive and engaged community. Additionally, members must anticipate becoming actively engaged members of the team (i.e. must be able to attend meetings, have ability to perform some work outside of committee meetings).

Ideal members will possess:

  • commitment to an engaged and inclusive UAA community;
  • ability to participate as an actively engaged member of the team (e.g. attend meetings, perform some outside work);
  • potential for leadership in UAA relating to diversity and inclusion; and
  • ability to envision and support new opportunities and positive change within UAA.

If you are interested in learning more or joining the UAA Diversity and Inclusion Team, please contact Anne Browning (anneb7@uw.edu, 221-0748) or Jodene Davis (jodene@uw.edu, 685-5123).


If you have any questions about the UAA Diversity and Inclusion Team, please contact ugrad@uw.edu.