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The UW Collegium Seminar program was started in 2012 to further strengthen the first year experience for undergraduate students by giving them a valuable boost into the intellectual life of the university early in their academic careers. We know that academic success is enhanced when students connect with faculty early and often; that learning is strongest when supported by close peers and mentors; and that students who acquire the habits of mind that promote intellectual curiosity, rigor, and engagement with the academic world of the university become our strongest graduates.

Why Teach a UW Collegium Seminar?

“My Collegium Seminar is among the high points of my quarter! I’ve got a really good group genuinely engaged by the material and the discussions. I’m just loving the experience.”

—Joseph Janes, Associate Professor and Chair, MLIS Program

For faculty, teaching a freshman seminar in the UW Collegium Seminar program is unlike most other routine instruction. Faculty can teach a seminar on a topic of their choice and are encouraged to select themes that are personally interesting to them. Because the classes are small, faculty and students can engage in dialogue and build connections around shared interests and ideas. And because they only meet an hour or so a week and typically do not have exams or require the preparation of lectures, the seminars have a limited impact on busy faculty schedules and other departmental duties. They are also a wonderful way to attract new students to your discipline or department.

Apply to teach a Collegium Seminar

All members of the faculty are eligible to propose a UW Collegium Seminar. Prior experience teaching freshmen or leading seminars is not required, but evidence of successful teaching must be available to the selection committee.

The process to propose a UW Collegium Seminar for autumn, winter or spring quarters of 2015-16 will open shortly; please check back soon.

Proposals will be reviewed by a faculty selection committee and results will be emailed out by mid-Febuary 2015.

Further Resources

Course descriptions

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Sample Syllabus

  • “How to make friends (and influence people)” taught by Professor Christina Fong, Foster School of Business, in autumn 2013. Read the syllabus: Syllabus Christina Fong Fall 2013