About the Poets

Watch videos, read articles, listen to podcasts of and about the poets whose work is in You Are Never Where You Are.

Pictured above: poet Yusef Komunyakaa.

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Student Ambassadors

Students: Find out how you can get involved in the UW Common Book by having your own projects and events supported.

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Engage in the community and broader world through poetry and get involved in this year’s common book project.

There are a number of ways to get involved. You can:

  1. Celebrate National Poetry Month!

  2. Learn more about the poets in the book. Read poets’ bios, watch poets read their work, read other poems by the writers in the book. Use this page as a starting-point for your own poetic discovery.

  3. Put on an open mike, pull together a reading or workshop with a local poet, curate a display of community-based poetry, or think of something entirely different that provides an avenue for the UW community to engage in poetry. The Common Book Student Ambassadors can help you access resources to bring your idea to fruition.

  4. Putting together an event isn’t your cup of tea, you say? No problem! Events need audiences, too—so show up!

  5. Like us on Facebook! We post updates and poetic things of interest for all Common Book fans to see.

  6. Take a poetry class—whether you read it or write it, your world-view will expand by a close look at language and expression.

  7. Take a seminar on subjects related to this year’s Common Book. For spring quarter, check out General Studies 197 G, 197 H, and 197 I for seminars related to the Common Book.

Engage in the Book

“People like poetry like people like music: nobody doesn’t. If some think they don’t, they just haven’t listened to the right thing.”

—Richard Kenney,
UW professor and poet