Many students interested in the natural sciences at UW hope to pursue undergraduate research or other related co-curricular activities. But where and how to begin?

This course provides spring quarter first-year students an opportunity to reflect and prepare for meaningful undergraduate research involvement in the natural sciences.

Students will have an opportunity to engage with faculty, alumni, and industry professionals as they reflect on their academic and co-curricular plans. Students will learn from researchers about the importance of getting involved, and how to make that happen.

Course Topics 
  • Undergraduate Research in the Natural Sciences

  • Academic Research 

  • Industry Research/Careers 

  • Health Research

  • Co-curricular opportunities in the Natural Sciences

  • Major Exploration

  • Values and Goals Reflection 

Learning Outcomes
  • Develop a deeper understanding of science based research and why it is important 

  • Reflect on the purpose of high impact engagement and begin to map future involvement 

  • Develop a strategic course of study 

  • Examine goals, values, influences, and interests

  • Develop strategies for major/career exploration 

  • Start becoming a self directed learner