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Courses Recommended by Students

Did you have a positive experience in a UW course that you'd like people to know about? Share your story and help other students find courses they might find valuable, challenging, and interesting. You can use the form at the bottom of this page to send us your recommendations.

Course Recommended Credits Gen Ed Tags

Sociology 110: Survey of Sociology

with Dr. Susan Pitchford

July 16, 20145Individuals and Societiesthe basics of stuff, causes of human behavior, cultural comparison and analysis, dynamics of social interaction, meanings of life, privilege, ways of living

Mathematics 125: Calculus with Analytic Geometry II

with Nikiforov

June 6, 20145the basics of stuff, numbers

MechE/ChemE/Envir 442: Renewable Energy

with Malte

June 6, 20145environment and design, environment, health and society, infrastructure

Medical History and Ethics (MHE) 485: Concepts of the Body in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century America

with Berryman

June 6, 20143environment, health and society, health and the natural sciences, life

Music History 212: Intro to the History of Western Music III

with Larry Starr

June 6, 20143cultural comparison and analysis, expressive traditions, the good life, meanings of life

Oceanography (OCEAN) 210: Ocean Circulation

with Paul Quay

June 6, 20143Natural Worldenvironment and the natural sciences

Political Science 204: Introduction to Comparative Politics

with Stephen E. Hanson

June 6, 20145causes of human behavior, dynamics of social interaction, leadership

RELIG 201: Introduction to World Religions: Western Traditions

with James Wellman

June 6, 20145Individuals and Societiescultural comparison and analysis, dynamics of social interaction, the good life

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