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UW-Seattle Health Science Degree Programs

The University of Washington is known internationally for its leadership in the research, teaching, and practice of the health sciences. Housed in the Warren G. Magnuson Health Sciences Center, home to five major interdisciplinary research centers, programs benefit from collaborative relationships with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and the UW's three world-class hospitals, including the University of Washington Medical Center. With some of the nation's most prominent schools of medicine, nursing, and pharmacy, Washington has long attracted faculty and staff hailing from the top of their professions. That means numerous opportunities for students of the health sciences to observe clinical work, receive training, and participate in research.

The UW offers a number of majors and graduate programs that prepare students for a career in health sciences. It offers undergraduate degrees in Environmental HealthMedical Technology (Laboratory Medicine), Nursing,  and Speech and Hearing Sciences (not a professional degree; Master's degree required).

It offers Master's degrees in Clinical Health Services (MEDEX), Occupational TherapyProsthetics and Orthotics, and Public Health.

It offers professional degrees in DentistryMedicinePharmacy (prior undergraduate degree not required), and Physical Therapy.

In addition, the UW offers minors in Bioethics & HumanitiesEnvironmental Health, and Public Health. There is also a degree completion program in Dental Hygiene for students who have completed a dental hygiene training program at another college. (Note: The dental hygiene program is currently undergoing a major revision. Please contact the program for further details.)

You may be interested in viewing this video introduction to the UW Health Sciences.

The admission process

All the undergraduate degree programs have competitive admission, and most admit students only once per year. Some of the programs have extremely competitive admission. 

All except Speech and Hearing Sciences allow transfer students to apply directly to the program; that is, they don't require that you attend the UW before applying to the program. The application deadlines for these programs are generally earlier than the February 15 UW transfer student deadline. You must submit applications for admission to the program and to the University. If you are denied admission by the program but are admitted to the University, you will be offered admission as a premajor. The UW requires students to declare a major by the time they complete 105 credits, and most of these programs admit students only once per year. Because of this, if you are admitted to the UW but are denied admission to your first choice of major, you will almost certainly have to choose an alternate major. You are allowed to apply to the program again, but in the meantime you will be required to make progress toward an alternate major.

Familiarize yourself with the admission requirements and the application procedures of the major(s) in which you are interested, by following the links above. To determine which courses at your community college are equivalent to the prerequisites of the majors you're considering, check the UW Equivalency Guide for Washington Community and Technical Colleges.