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Your Education in Health Care

While "pre-health" is not a specific undergraduate major at the University of Washington, we do offer undergraduate degrees in a variety of health sciences (e.g. Environmental Health, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Public Health, Speech and Hearing Sciences) as well as preparation for graduate health professional programs.  

Choosing a career in health care is not one decision but a series of decisions based on exploration, investigation and reflection.  To successfully prepare for a health care program, students will need to continually assess their academic readiness, motivation, and skills in sciences as well as humanities and social sciences.  Getting involved in health care (volunteering and shadowing) as well as community service are essential elements to exploring what the profession is really about and if it is a good match for you.   

Advisers are excited to be your resource and partner as you explore, plan your academic coursework, reflect on your health care experiences, and go through the application process. There's not one right way to prepare for these programs; working with a pre-professional adviser can help you to individualize the pre-health information in this web site to your situation. You can also visit our blog, where we post about information and activities that are of interest to students considering or preparing for a career in the Health Sciences.

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