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Pre-nursing students are completing the necessary prerequisite courses in order to apply to a nursing program. You are taking courses that prepare you for the science of nursing and gaining experience in relevant areas like health care, community service, and leadership.

What type of education is required?

A plan to prepare for an undergraduate health professional program.

Coursework required for most nursing schools

The UW Nursing program requires the following science courses:

  • Chemistry 120, 220, 221 Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
  • Biology 118, 119 Physiology and Physiology lab
  • Biological Structures 301 Human Anatomy
  • Nutrition 200 Nutrition for Today
  • Microbiology 301, 302 General Microbiology and lab
  • Nursing 201 Lifespan Growth and Development

Many programs, including UW, require a college level math class and statistics, and English composition. Some require an introductory psychology, sociology or cultural anthropology

Example two-year schedule (in advance of entering a professional program)

Things to be aware of

Completion of some chemistry and a biology course are recommended before enrolling in microbiology.

The UW Nursing program requires a minimum of 100 hours of health care experience, in a place where you can see nurses at work, in order to apply. Additionally, they will want to see community service and leadership experience.

A letter of recommendation, preferably from a nurse, is required.

Preparing for the major

All interested students should view an online information presentation.

Websites to visit

General advice

Apply widely. Nursing schools are all quite popular. Community colleges have excellent nursing programs and prepare students to take the NCLEX exam, which all nursing grads take to become registered nurses. Community college graduates can finish a BSN at UW Bothell or Tacoma while they work as a registered nurse. There are also several accelerated baccalaureate programs for individuals with bachelor's degrees in something other than nursing. Many schools, including the UW, offer entry level Master's programs with accelerated nursing training.