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Medical Laboratory Science

Medical laboratory science is where basic laboratory science meets the practice of medicine. It is a profession of highly knowledgeable and skilled individuals who primarily perform diagnostic laboratory tests on patient samples of blood, other body fluids, or tissue. This is a critical part of health care, as the results obtained by these laboratory tests are used in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. If you enjoy the biological and chemical sciences and laboratory work, and if you care about people, then medical laboratory science is an excellent career choice. Using microscopes, stains, precision instruments, computers, and molecular techniques, you, as one of the medical and technical team, will help investigate and solve the riddles of disease.

Before you can be admitted to the Medical Laboratory Science program at the UW, you must complete the required prerequisite courses listed below. Once you are accepted into the MLS program, you will take advanced courses and engage in clinical rotations that will give you the skills and experience needed for this profession.

What type of education is required?

A plan to prepare for an undergraduate health professional program.

Coursework required for most programs

The UW MLS requires the following prerequisites:

  • Chemistry 142, 152, 162
  • Organic Chemistry 223 & 224 or 237, 238, and 239
  • Biology 180, 200, 220
  • Statistics 220 or any other basic Statistics course
  • Biology 118

Things to be aware of

This program is divided into two parts:

The pre-professional phase: you are completing required prerequisite courses and general education requirements for 2 years.

The professional phase: you are in the MLS program and completing the required coursework and clinical rotations for 2 years that will prepare you for this profession. This is a capacity-constrained Bachelor of Science degree program.

Preparing for the major

All interested students should review this presentation, visit the program's webpage and make an appointment with Undergraduate Advising or with the MLS adviser.

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