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Environmental Health

Environmental health is the study and management of the environmental factors that impact human health. The field concerns itself with maintaining a safe supply of food and drinking water; discovering the mechanisms of environmentally related diseases; treating and disposing of solid and toxic wastes; reducing air, water, food, and noise pollution; and controlling workplace hazards. As a program within Public Health, its activities focus on entire populations rather than on individual patients.

After foundation science courses, students in the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health complete courses in sampling and analysis, toxicology, risk assessment, epidemiology, microbiology, technical writing and choose electives organized around three interest areas: Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Public Health Practice, and Health & Environmental Sciences.

What type of education is required?

A plan to prepare for an undergraduate health professional program.

Coursework required for most programs

The UW's Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health requires the following prerequisites:

  • Chemistry 142, 152, 162
  • Organic Chemistry 223, 224 OR 237, 238, and 239
  • Biology 180, 200, 220
  • Math 124 OR QSCI 291
  • English Composition¬†

Things to be aware of

UW's Environmental Health students complete a 400-hour internship. The internship offers valuable experience working in public agencies, private industry, academic settings, and international placements with professionals.

The Environmental Health minor is open to all undergraduates and is especially appropriate for science students who have completed general and organic chemistry.

The UW's Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences also offers graduate degrees and a medical residency.

Preparing for the major

Interested students should visit the program's web site, attend an information session and make an appointment with Undergraduate Advising and/or with the Environmental Health Program Manager and Adviser.

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