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Applying to Health Professional School

Spring Quarter 2017 Seminar

GEN ST 297 Section H: Applying to Health Professional School

SLN: 14631, 1 Credit, CR/NC

Instructor: Dan Poux (

Details: Spring Quarter, Tuesdays 2:30 – 4:20

The seminar will cover preparing an application, writing an effective personal statement, gathering letters of recommendation, choosing schools, and interviewing. Class time will be spent on group work, short lectures, and visits from experts, such as admissions officials. Grades will be based on in-class assignments, participation in interview exercises, and occasional out-of-class writing assignments, such as drafts of personal statements and professional school applications.

Unlike most academic seminars, this course will require students to direct their inquiry inward and assess themselves realistically and honestly in order to present themselves as unique and successful candidates. Students will discover their own strengths and challenges in this process, and they will reflect not only on their readiness but also on their motivation and life experiences.

The seminar is open to anyone applying to graduate-level health professional school during the 2016 application season, including applicants to medical, dental, pharmacy, optometry, podiatric, or veterinary medical schools.

Are You Ready to Apply?

The following resources will help you identify the strengths and possible areas of improvement in your application to health professional schools.

Applicant Self Assessment – reflect on your readiness to apply based upon a series of questions related to grades, entrance exam scores, clinical exposure, leadership experience and commitment to service. 

Core Competencies – characteristics that health professional schools are looking for in aspiring medical students and dental students

Application Services

 Health Professional School:

 Application Service:

Allopathic Medical Schools


Osteopathic Medical Schools


Texas Medical Schools


Dentistry Schools


Physician Assistant Schools


Veterinary Medicine Schools


Pharmacy Schools


Optometry Schools


Podiatry Schools


Physical Therapy Schools


Writing Activity Descriptions & Personal Statement

OUGL Writing Center – The OWRC offers specialized assistance through all stages of the writing process; make an appointment online or simply drop in

CLUE Writing Center – Staffed by undergraduate and graduate student tutors; no appointment needed

UW School of Medicine webinar – covers how to convey your motivation, life experiences, and preparation for a medical career in your application

EXPD Undergraduate Research Program – provides assistance in writing about your research experience to highlight the skills you gained and how they will fit with professional programs

Husky Leadership Initiative – helping students develop a personal leadership philosophy and grow into socially-responsible change agents and effective community leaders

Getting Great Letters of Recommendation

AAMC Brochure for Letter Writers – guidelines about how to write a letter and key areas of interest to medical schools

Finding a Good Match with Schools

Directories of Health Professional Schools:

Dental School Directory

Medical School Admissions Requirements 

AAMC Worksheet for identifying good fit

List of medical schools that accepted >50% of their matriculants from out of state in 2014

Occupational Therapy School Directory

Optometry School Directory and Optometry School program pre-requisites

Pharmacy School Directory

Physical Therapy programs and Physical Therapy program pre-requisites

Physician Assistant Program Directory

Veterinary School Directory

Acing the Interview

Link to UW medical school webinar on the medical school interview

Overview of UW medical school’s interview process

The AAMC Organization of Student Representatives has compiled a list of questions to ask before and during the interview process

Financing your Education

Each branch of the US Military offers Health Professions Scholarships to aspiring doctors, dentists and other health professionals. Contact the following for more information:


Sgt. Felicia Mills, 206-242-9357,

Air Force

Sgt. Crystal M. Westbrook, 253-874-1232,


Lt. Joshua Turner, 808-285-2300,