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A world of opportunity: what happens outside of the classroom?

While academic pursuits are central to your time here, other components of your education contribute significantly to your overall development. Transfer students are encouraged to take full advantage of the Husky Experience.  The Division of Student Life defines the Husky Experience as a partnership between each individual student and the university in which students develop strong skills and deep understanding not only in their chosen discipline, but in these specific areas: critical thinking and research skills, career strategy, cultural competence, leadership ability, community engagement and health and wellness.

You may have heard that the UW is a top tier research university, but you might not really know what that means.  Kurt Xyst explains how this impacts all levels of the university as well as your individual educational experience.  Connect with advisers to find out how to get involved in Undergraduate Research, check out the many community service placements and internships available through the Center for Experiential Learning & Diversity, and consider going abroad to study for a while.  Consider joining student clubs and organizations that relate to your interests and find out how to develop your leadership skills through the Husky Leadership Initiative. Take advantage of the world of opportunity that the UW offers by actively engaging in your education.  There is no time better than now to stretch your boundaries and create the educational experience that best meets your goals and aspirations.

Community college is a great way to get started on your post-secondary education.  It provides an excellent foundation upon which to build your bachelor’s degree, as well as the post-baccalaureate options you may eventually pursue.  Transferring to the University of Washington gives you a grand opportunity to expand your unique educational journey in ways that you might not have considered or even thought possible!