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New Transfer Initiatives at the UW

Staff across the UW has been working tirelessly over the past year to look at how we support, program, and advocate for the transfer student experience and transition into our community.  Some of the key outcomes from these efforts are our transfer student web portal and transfer student advocate cards.

Transfer Website

We are in the final development stages of our transfer web portal, and hope to have the site live for prospective transfers and community college staff by early summer.  Our goal with this project was to consolidate transfer students information into one space within the UW website framework.  We hope this site will walk students through each part of their transfer transition process from when they first start at the community college all the way through being a current student here at UW.

We would love feedback from you all on what we might be missing from the site? What do you like about the site? Are there is additional details that we could add into any of the various sections.

 The new web portal for transfer students is: please send your feedback/comments to our new transfer email account at