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College of Engineering to Implement New Admission Processes

The UW is excited to announce a significant improvement to the undergraduate experience for future engineers. Beginning with the 2018 freshman class, the College of Engineering will implement a new Direct to College admission process for entering freshmen. Applicants, including Running Start applicants, who select an engineering major as their first choice major will be considered for Direct to College (DTC) admission. Admitted applicants will enter the University as undeclared engineering students and will be assured that they will be able to pursue an engineering degree at the UW. DTC admission will be the primary pathway to engineering majors for students who enter the UW as freshmen.  The Computer Science major is not part of the DTC process.

The admission pathway for transfer students to enter engineering majors upon admission to the UW will be maintained with a significant improvement on the timing of the process. Beginning with the autumn 2019 admission process, the engineering departmental application deadline will move from July 1 to April 5. As a reminder, engineering transfer students must first submit the UW transfer application by the published deadline, and then to be considered for admission directly to an engineering major, they must also submit the engineering departmental application. The earlier engineering application deadline will allow for much earlier notification of engineering transfer applicants regarding their options at the UW.

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