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Student profile: Veronica Inveen

International Studies (Asia) major, minor in Southeast Asian Studies
Previous institution:  Tacoma Community College
Year/Qtr transferred:  Autumn 2014
Hometown: Gig Harbor, WA
Favorite quote: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”   


What was the hardest part of transferring?  For me, the hardest part of transferring was not feeling equal to students who had been at UW since freshmen year. Since I didn’t have the traditional experience of going through a three day orientation or living in the dorms, it took me much longer to feel like I was part of campus.

What was something that surprised you in your transfer experience?  To feel connected to campus, I had to put myself out there more than I expected. Getting involved in clubs and working on campus this year has enhanced my experience here so much more.

What do you miss about your previous school?  At Tacoma Community College, the diversity and dedication of the students I was surrounded by made for an inspiring environment to learn in. 

What resources were most helpful to you when you were preparing to transfer? Everyone on campus wants you to be successful so take advantage of the amount of staff there to help you along the way. I constantly met with advisors and emailed my perspective professors to make sure I was on the right track.


How did you select your major? In high school I studied abroad in Thailand for a year so coming into college I knew I wanted to stay involved in the region and eventually move back!

How big are your classes at UW?  My biggest class was 300 but with quiz sections of 20 students. But other than that, all my classes are usually 20-40 people!

What are you involved in outside of academics? I have several on campus jobs, including one at the Study Abroad Office, the International Student Services Office and at the Gould Hall coffee shop! In addition to work, I also am involved with FIUTS and Unite UW, two organizations that help connect UW’s international and domestic students.

Had you intended to study abroad before you came to UW? Absolutely! One of my motivations for choosing UW was the opportunity to go abroad.

How did you go about planning your study abroad experience? I wanted to make sure I could get the most out of the study abroad opportunities at UW so before my first term even started I began scoping out the programs offered so I could make sure I wouldn't miss any deadlines. The study abroad website is a great resource that allows anyone to explore the various program options and learn about related scholarship opportunities.

Where did you go? Last year I spent a semester on CIEE’s Development and Globalization program in Khon Kaen, Thailand, followed by a CHID summer program in Vietnam—Building for Peace in the Wake of War. This March I participated in the Kakehashi Project short-term program in Japan.

What advice do you have for future transfer students considering study abroad? I know it may seem daunting to try to squeeze study abroad into your already tight academic schedule, but with the amount of variety in program type, duration and the amount of funding opportunities there are—I promise if there is a will there is a way!

After you came to UW, what made you feel like a Husky? What class have you taken that you think everyone should take? YES! JSIS 265 The Vietnam Wars taught by Christoph Giebel was the most eye-opening and intriguing class (let alone history class!) that I’ve ever taken. Professor Giebel is extremely passionate and teaches it as if he is telling a story. I recommend everyone take it, regardless of your major!

How do you make a big school feel smaller? As I said previously, getting involved! Whether through clubs or an on-campus job, by connecting with more people you suddenly feel as if the study body is a lot smaller than it actually is. Also, talk with people in your core classes! You will likely see them again so it is nice to be able to know them and a great way to find a study group.

What are your future plans? I received a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) award for the summer to study intensive Thai in Bangkok. After I complete the course, I hope to get a job in the city and utilize my knowledge of the language and region!