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Public Health student profile: Kathleen Nguyen

Kathleen Nguyen: Health Informatics and Health Information Management
Degree / Certification Obtained: Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics and Health Information Management, Registered Health Information Administrator
Previous School/s Attended before UW: North and South Seattle Community Colleges
Job Title: Supervisor for Release of Information and Regional Medical Records, Seattle Children’s Hospital

Can you tell us a bit about your current position? I'm the supervisor for the release of information and regional medical records at Seattle Children's. I oversee a team of eight staff members. Six of my staff members are dedicated to processing requests for medical records at the hospital. Last year, we processed close to 30,000 requests for release of information. The other two staff members are located at the Odessa Brown Children's Clinic.

How did your undergraduate education prepare you for this work/experience? When you graduate from the HIHIM program, you're eligible to take the exam to be certified as a Registered Health Information Administrator…Read the full profile