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Landscape Architecture

The Department of Landscape Architecture offers a minor in Urban Ecological Design. Students now have more flexibility in the selection of Landscape Architecture classes they may take to fulfill the requirements for minor. The minor is structured provide an interdisciplinary experience addressing four key areas: ecological infrastructure, culturally-based place making, design for ecological literacy, and human and environmental health. You’ll find these themes integrated throughout the Landscape Architecture curriculum, bringing “urban ecological design” to life through theoretical investigations, built examples, and student projects.  


25 total credits, composed of:

  • 20 credits of LARCH courses open to non-majors
    • o [LARCH 212, 300, 322, 341, 352, 353, 361, 363, 450, 451, 454, 498]
  • 5 credits of courses 200 level and above from within the College of Built Environments (ARCH, CEP, URBDP, CM) or from ESRM or GEOG

A 2.0 minimum grade is required in all courses counted toward the minor.

The Department has also revised its curriculum so that students admitted into the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) professional degree program may complete their degree in seven quarters — two academic years plus a Summer Quarter — along with the traditional nine quarter — three academic year—degree schedule.  These adjustments afford greater flexibility for students wishing, while not affecting the required professional degree requirements.

The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture is a professionally accredited degree program, which students apply to enter while completing two years of General Education coursework and three pre-requisite classes: 

  • LARCH 300/Introductory Landscape Architecture Design Studio, offered Summer and Autumn Quarters (6 credits, VLPA);
  • LARCH 352 History of Landscape Architecture, offered Autumn Quarter (5 credits, VLPA/I&S); and
  • LARCH 353 History of Modern Landscape Architecture, offered Winter Quarter (5 credits, VLPA/I&S).

These three classes can be taken before admission to the University of Washington through Non-Degree Enrollment.  For more information, see:

To learn more about both the minor and major offered, visit our Department website and follow links under Programs and Admissions: