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English Department Update

We would like to announce an exciting new major at the University of Washington—Cinema Media Studies.

The Cinema and Media Studies major allows students to develop their understanding of how film and media function as distinctive modes of transmitting and critiquing cultural values and practices. The Department of Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media also hosts an array of CMS Faculty from a number of backgrounds.

We also have two new minors in English to announce. First, the ENGLISH minor is a fairly unrestricted  minor, one that allows students who are interested in literature and writing to choose pretty freely from most of our coursework  to complete this area of study. The second WRITING  minor  is more  writing specific, focusing on  a series of writing and rhetoric courses taught in  the English Department.

Please get in touch with English/Comparative Literature and Cinema Media Studies Advising if you have any questions:  206-543-2634 or