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Student Profile: Alexis McClimans, Slavic Languages and Literatures

I transferred from Bellevue College, where I received an Associates in Arts and Sciences. While there, I was considering a number of different educational pathways, until I had the opportunity to work with Lynn Walker, an English professor, studying the evolution of Tolstoy’s writings. Her guidance, coupled with my growing infatuation with 19th century Russian literature inspired me to pursue a degree in Russian language and literature. Though it would be some years before I applied to the UW following my time at Bellevue College, I never lost the desire to pursue a degree in Russian.

Some of the most enjoyable aspects of my experience at the UW have been my time abroad and the courses I’ve taken within the Slavic department. I have felt an enormous amount of support from the Slavic department, in my courses and in my larger academic career, such that the general academic stress one is bound to feel has been nothing short of enjoyable. The department faculty and professors have given me the opportunity to explore new paths and expand my academic horizons, which lead to me working with the Georgian language and eventually travelling to Tbilisi, Georgia, as well as Russia.

Another enjoyable aspect of my UW experience was my time abroad, in St. Petersburg. There, I was able to put what I had learned here at the UW to use, synthesizing my Russian history, language, and literature courses in a real-world ‘practicum’ of sorts. It was also there that I decided upon the next steps in my academic journey. Once I returned home I began working on my graduate school applications to Master of Library and Information Science programs throughout the country. As I continue along my academic journey, I hope to combine my work in the information  sciences with my Russian studies.