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Academic Support at the UW

Need academic assistance? Our programs help UW students realize their potential—at the University and beyond. We provide a space for all students to be included, challenged and supported in their educational journey.

CLUE (Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment)

CLUE is the UW’s free, late-night, multidisciplinary study center located in Mary Gates Hall. Open Sunday through Thursday from 7pm-11pm, it is an inclusive space for all students to receive academic support.

We offer drop-in tutoring, discussion sessions, exam reviews, and we have a writing center. Subjects: Math, Chemistry, Physics, Writing, Economics, Computer Science and Engineering, Statistics, Biology, Spanish, French, Arabic, Korean, and Japanese. Discussion and exam reviews vary from quarter to quarter. Check our website for the most up-to-date information.

Student Success Coaching

Just as a sports coach pushes you to achieve your goals and holds you accountable, a academic success coach works with you to identify challenges that come up in an academic context and come up with a game plan. Our student success coach is available for 1:1 appointments to help you do this!

To learn more and schedule an appointment, visit our website.

Academic Achievement Courses

Our Academic Achievement courses are great for recent transfer students who are interested in improving their academic performance. Students are presented with interesting course material and learn strategies to improve their note-taking, essay writing, reading, time management, and study skills. As a part of the course, students will be with a tutor-mentor (a junior or senior UW student) three hours per week to work on class assignments and learn about University resources.