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Commuter & Transfer Commons (CTC)

The Commuter & Transfer Commons (CTC) assists students who have transferred to the UW and live outside the U-District in creating a sense of identity and community within the larger University. The CTC host programming such as CLUE tutoring and community development events. Services available to assist commuters include day-use lockers, kitchenette, printing and a private changing room. The space is truly a “home away from home” for students and can be found in the Husky Union Building, room 141.

The first Commuter Lounge at the UW was established when the second wing of the HUB opened on May 23, 1952. It was a room located on the ground floor. The room was a space with lounge furniture, tables and chairs, lockers and vending machines. In 1962 the designation of the space changed such that the lounge passed into general use. In 2012 as the HUB was undergoing renovation, a designated space was again set-aside for commuter students, and in 2016 the space was renamed to include our transfer student population.

Manpreet Riar, a senior Communication major, first started coming to the CTC because she needed a space to eat lunch and hangout while not in class. She came in thinking she would just eat food and be on my way out but ended up staying longer than expected because the people in the space were very welcoming and had an interest in wanting to get to know her. Manpreet then started hanging out in the space and studying and found it convenient that she could eat lunch, study, socialize, and use all the resources the CTC had to offer. The space helped her get away from the stress of classes and worries about her busy schedule. Manpreet’s favorite part of utilizing the space is the conversations she has with other commuters and the relationships she builds with people who commute from all over Western, WA.

When Tremaine Ng, a junior studying Electrical Engineering major, started coming to campus, he just went to class and went home every day. After a while he came to the CTC to eat lunch regularly and ended up meeting one of his current friends. He came by to see them more often and since then he’s gotten to know most of the people that come here and always enjoy seeing them.


  • Day-use Lockers
  • Kitchenette
  • Lactation/Changing Room
  • Technology check-out: Laptops and phone chargers
  • CLUE tutoring
  • Monthly programming
  • Dawg Prints Printing Station