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Admissions Update

by Carlos Williams, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

For autumn 2016, the Seattle campus offered admission to 61% of all Washington community college applicants. This compares to offer rates of 53.3% for high school applicants and 18.5% for applicants from four-year universities and non-Washington community colleges. The offer rate for international transfer students from Washington community colleges was 42.2%. This compares to 24.9% for all international transfers.

In general, the best time to apply the University of Washington is when you are ready to enter your major. For most applicants, that’s when they’ve completed an associate’s degree and/or 90 transferrable quarter credits. To help you plan to transfer, we have created tools such as MyPlan, MyMajor, Academic Planning Worksheets, and the Course Equivalency Guides for each of the Washington community and technical colleges. You can find out more about these tools and other important transfer information by visiting the Admissions website for prospective transfer applicants.

I also highly recommend that you attend one of our Transfer Thursday information sessions. On Transfer Thursday, you will learn about the admissions application process from one of our staff members. There are separate admission information sessions for international applicants as well.  Moreover, many of our academic departments participate in Transfer Thursday by offering information sessions or making academic advisors available for one-on-one advising. Consult the Transfer Thursday website for more details.

Top 20 majors requested by enrolled transfer students:
Business, nursing, biology, computer science, psychology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, communications, economics, civil engineering, biochemistry, aeronautics & astronautics, design, mathematics, chemistry, social welfare, public health, English, informatics, political science