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Student profile: Marisol Diaz

Major(s)/Minor(s): Community, Environment, and Planning
Previous school/s before UW: Wenatchee Valley College, North Seattle Community College
Year/quarter transferred to UW: 2013
Hometown: Quincy, WA
Did you work before going back to school? Yes!
Are you a veteran or military personnel? No
Favorite book: Persepolis

Your transfer experience

Describe your transfer experience in three words. Confusing, New, Lonely
What was the hardest part of transferring? The hardest part of transferring was the social aspect. When I went to my community college I didn’t make friends until my second year. Afterwards, I was the only one who decided to attend UW and when I transferred in winter quarter it felt as if everyone had already found their group of friends and had no need/desire for expanding the group. It was hard to make friends.
What was something that surprised you in your transfer experience? I never realized that in a place as big as UW, I could and would feel so small and unrecognized.
What do you miss about your previous school? I miss the size of the campus.
What do you know now that you wish someone had told you before transferring? I wish someone had told me that I had to go out and seek/make my own community. Also, that your advisor is a valuable resource and should/could talk to them about anything.
What resources were most helpful to you when you were preparing to transfer? The transfer equivalency guide was very helpful as well as DARS.

Your UW experience so far

Favorite place on campus to study: Gould Court/Digi Commons in Gould Hall
Favorite place on campus to eat: Chipotle
How big are your classes at UW? Most classes about 30ish students: largest class so far 75 students.
What are you involved in outside of academics? Work, Commuter, officer in a new club Transfer Student Association, and member of committee in my major
After you came to UW, what made you feel like a Husky? Obtaining the position of Orientation Leader and learning (again) about how many resources there are for students and how big and exciting the UW really is. Boundless opportunities.
What class have you taken that you think everyone should take? CEP 200, SOC 292, SOC 360, SOC W 536,
How do you make a big school feel smaller? You talk to the person right next to you in class, you attend a club meeting, join an intramural sport, you realize what you’re interested in and see if there is a social gathering for it.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Everyone coming in, freshmen, transfer, adult learner, international student, all feel either confused scared or both. No one knows everything they need to do, want to be, or should do at UW. So don’t be afraid to ask questions and try something new! The sooner you can do this the sooner you start finding/building your own community.