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Student profile: Nimotalai Azeez

Major: Community, Environment, and Planning. Minor(s): Geography and Diversity
Previous institution: Highline College
Year/qtr transferred: Autumn 2013
Hometown: Federal Way, WA
Did you work before going back to school? No
Are you a veteran or military personnel? No
Favorite quote: "It always seems impossible until it's done." —Nelson Mandela
Anything else you’d like to share about yourself: I served as Highline College Student Body President 2012-2013

The transfer experience

What was the hardest part of transferring? Feeling like there is not enough time to do all that you want to do or could do at the 4-year. So, really making the most out of the time you have is important.
What was something that surprised you in your transfer experience? At a community college I felt like I was in classes with people who had different life experiences that matured them. But when I transferred I realized everyone was coming from different backgrounds and upbringings too, but this contributed to some student's closed-mindedness.
What do you miss about your previous school? The "community," being able to sit down at a random table in the Highline Student Union and meeting some of my best friends from doing so, that was difficult to find at UW. Or staying in touch with someone you meet is harder especially if you never see them due to the size of the campus.
What resources were most helpful to you when you were preparing to transfer? Advisers at my community college were very helpful, instructors that I had, and other students who maybe transferred the year before.

Your UW experience so far

Favorite place on campus to study: Suzzallo computer lab or Built Environments Library.
Favorite place on campus to eat: District Market has a lot of healthy options and great deli options throughout the day.
How big are your classes at UW? Classes that were outside of my major could be anywhere from 40-150 students. But inside my major it was 15-30 students.
What are you involved in outside of academics? UAA Peer Adviser, African Student Association, Sisterhood.
After you came to UW, what made you feel like a Husky? Having access to all of the great resources UW has to offer.
What were your favorite Dawg Daze events? Late Night Shopping at Fred Meyer, Midnight Carnival, and HUB Crawl.
What class have you taken that you think everyone should take? GEOG 245 - Geodemographics: Population, Diversity, and Place with Professor Withers.
How do you make a big school feel smaller? Meeting a lot of people through different networks, forming relationships in classes (study groups can help with this), and not being afraid to reach out to someone and ask for help. That help could come from faculty members, staff, or another student.