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UAA Departmental Liaisons

To maintain regular communication between our office and other departments on campus, our advisers serve as liaisons between UAA Advising and all other departments. Liaisons will meet with representatives from their departments/programs at least twice a year to provide and recieve updates and maintain regular communication. 

Not sure who your liaison is, or how to get in contact with them? Please refer to the table below. 


Danielle Greiner

College of Built Environments

Lauren Marriott

College of Education

Donna Netz

College of Engineering

Dan Feetham

College of the Environment

Tim McCoy

Foster School of Business

Lauren Marriott


Kurt Xyst

Information School

Donna Netz

School of Medicince

Christina Kerr

Natural Sciences

Josh Krawcyzk

School of Nursing

Christina Kerr

School of Public Health

Christina Kerr

School of Social Work

Donna Netz

Social Sciences

Jim Scott