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Follow-up Email from Kevin Mihata 

Implementation of Diversity Requirement

As promised, a few links for the updates on the Diversity Requirement and language proficiency testing…. (If you are not/were not at the meeting, these may not make much sense.)

  1. The Diversity Requirement

Effective for all new students entering UW in Autumn 2014 and beyond. The official legislation, passed by the Faculty Senate:

  1. Proficiency testing in foreign languages not taught at UW. For current UW Seattle students, at least:

A few reminders:

  • Tests are offered about once per quarter (sometimes twice)
  • Students need to sign up well in advance (and pay in advance)
  • Students can test twice per year
  • We probably can’t handle UWB, UWT, pre-admission through LLC, but still sorting out options

Kevin K. Mihata, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Educational Programs
College of Arts and Sciences