Undergraduate Academic Affairs

December 27, 2013

Message from Vice Provost and Dean Ed Taylor

Ed Taylor

Dear Friends of Undergraduate Academic Affairs,

Vice Provost and Dean Ed Taylor

Vice Provost and Dean Ed TaylorTony Grob

What have we learned in the last year that will help our communities in the coming year? I am thinking about our students, past and present and how their UW experiences lay a foundation for their future, indeed, but also for the futures of so many others.

Students and alumni are making contributions to our world in so many different ways—from education and scientific discovery to business entrepreneurship, sports entertainment, and social justice. Some of their stories are in this e-newsletter.

How they got from here to there—and I imagine how you got to where you are today—involved a mixture of knowledge and acumen, maybe a bit of luck, and almost always plain old grit and determination. We should all have moments where we are faced with a challenge and say, “Let’s do this.” Each individual in this e-newsletter has had such a turning point. I invite you to read about them and reflect on the turning points you’ve experienced.

These stories are examples of the difference our university and Undergraduate Academic Affairs have made in the lives of students and examples of the kind of work we want to do for thousands more. This is why we’re here.

Happy New Year!

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Ed Taylor
Vice Provost and Dean
Undergraduate Academic Affairs