Undergraduate Academic Affairs

August 21, 2013

Classroom Support Services is renamed, moves to UW-IT

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Technology in the classroom is evolving and changing rapidly. To ensure best practices around coordinating new software and teaching technology with the hardware infrastructure of our classrooms, the stewardship of UW classrooms is being centralized. To that end, Classroom Support Services became a part of UW Information Technology on July 1, 2013. Accompanying this move is a name change, and Classroom Support Services is now Classroom Technology & Events.

Director Roberta Hopkins and her staff will bring their unparalleled insight about classrooms and technology in the classroom to UW-IT and the University will be stronger for it. In the past several years, Classroom Support Services has made available such innovations as podcasting, clickers, videoconferencing and more. Classroom Support Services has provided video course-casting for years, and has been key to expanding access to video capture and “flipped-classroom” techniques by working with UW-IT on lecture recording technology. With just these examples, the way students learn has changed and expanded.

Classroom Support Services ensures that the 300+ general use classrooms are ready for students and faculty on a daily basis. Hopkins and her best-in-class staff have also overseen many classroom renovations large and small–from brand new classroom space in a new building to making sure existing learning environments are freshly painted and have the correct number of chairs in them to re-wiring and modernizing outdated systems.

Students will continue to benefit from the Student Technology Fee equipment lending program, which makes hundreds of laptops, still and video cameras, and data projectors available for student projects. Hopkins has served on the Student Technology Fee committee for years, providing advice to student government about how best to invest the Student Technology Fee funds.

Classroom Support Services–as Classroom Technology & Events–will continue to provide event services for Kane Hall, Mary Gates Hall, and Johnson Hall.