Undergraduate Academic Affairs

July 10, 2012

A detailed look at service-learning

Undergraduate involvement in public service

Undergraduate Involvement in Public Service

This chart demonstrates the increase in undergraduate involvement in public service across the University of Washington through 2010-11. Service includes UW-sponsored service-learning, internships, volunteering, etc. The numbers show student-quarters; one student volunteering for one quarter = one student-quarter.

Service-Learning Focused Data

Number of undergraduates participating in service-learning

Growth of student involvement in service-learning

This chart shows the increase in students signing up for service-learning experiences connected to their courses since 1995.

Number of departments, faculty, and courses involving service-learning

Service Learning departments, course, faculty

This chart shows the increase in departments and faculty offering service-learning in their courses since 1995.

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Service-Learning Data on Courses with an Environmental Theme

Courses representing a range of themes and disciplines offer a service-learning component. For this section, we focused on service-learning with environmentally-themed courses.

Geographic reach of environmentally focused service-learning

View UW Service Learning Impact – Environmental Theme in a larger map

This map shows the reach that UW students engaged in environmentally-focused service-learning have in the community. Students’ classes had an environmental focus and the UW’s Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center connected students with relevant nonprofit organizations for which they volunteered, adding experience to the theory they learned in class. This information is from the 2010-11 academic year. Click on a point on the map to learn which organization supported students’ learning, project titles, and academic courses involved.

Student service-learners requested by organization type, environmental theme

Comparison of student service-learners requested by organization type

This visual compares the number of student service-learners organizations requested. Organizations are grouped by type and service-learning opportunities are connected to environmentally-themed courses offered in 2010-11.

UW departments offering environmental-themed courses and service-learning opportunities Departments offering environmental theme courses and service-learning opportunities

This graphic shows the UW departments that offered an environmentally-themed course in 2010-11 and connected that course or courses to service-learning opportunities. Colleges across the university participated in service-learning. This focuses on those with a particular environmental theme.

2010-11 Environmentally-themed courses with a service-learning component

  • Environmental Health and Public Policy—Hanford Nuclear Reservation
  • Intro to Community and Environmental Planning
  • Food Production & Sustainability
  • Global Environmental Politics
  • Environmental Sociology
  • The Urban Farm
  • Forests and Society
  • Food Studies: Harvest to Health
  • Political Ecology of the World Food System
  • Society and Sustainable Environments