Undergraduate Academic Affairs

May 30, 2012

Reporting Undergraduate Involvement in Research and Public Service

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

DUE: June 29, 2012

For instructions and to submit your department’s data, please go to:

If you are not able to access your department’s form, please email us at acctblty@uw.edu.

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June 1, 2012

Deans, Chancellors, Directors, and Chairs

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to you to request information from your units about undergraduate participation in UW-sponsored public service and in undergraduate research. Increasing undergraduate involvement in research and public service are among the University’s long-term goals. The data you provide will be used for reporting the University’s progress to the Board of Regents, State Legislature and Student Achievement Council. A summary report that lists these data by academic department will be available for your information.

Data are submitted to Undergraduate Academic Affairs via web form only. The individual(s) from your unit who are responsible for collecting data should carefully read the Definitions and Instructions for submitting data in order to accurately reflect the undergraduate activity in each unit. The link is provided in that file.

Please gather data from your units and submit the information by June 29, 2012. If you have questions, please contact Janice DeCosmo, associate dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, at 206-221-6178, jdecosmo@uw.edu or acctblty@uw.edu.

Thank you for your help with this important report.


Ana Mari Cauce

c: Janice M. DeCosmo
Carol Diem
Ed Taylor
Douglas J. Wadden
Michael K. Young

Definitions and Instructions

How to report undergraduate student participation in research and UW-sponsored public service.


Undergraduate research experiences refers to student research projects (“research” as defined by your discipline) closely guided by faculty (research staff, or graduate students) and/or contributing to faculty research. The measure is intended to capture the number of students working on projects that are considered to build students’ knowledge and skills, and contribute new ideas, data, scholarly or creative work to an academic field.

Public service involvement refers to undergraduate participation in UW-sponsored service learning, volunteer experiences, or public service internships sustained for at least one quarter. The measure is intended to capture the number of students involved in these activities as part of their undergraduate learning, either through a course, an academic department, or an official UW program.

Who Can Report

Individuals who have reported in prior years are already authorized users in the system. Department representatives can contact us at acctblty@uw.edu to make changes to the list of authorized users or to add another user.


Report only UW undergraduate students. You may also report other undergraduate students who have a UW Net ID or a UW student number (e.g., undergraduate participants in a summer research program). If you would like to report undergraduate participation in public service or research and they are not UW students, you may email us at acctblty@uw.edu with a list.

Types of Information to Report


If your department or program offers courses in which *all* enrolled undergraduates conduct research or public service, you may submit the course number directly into our online system.

Example: FISH 499 A, Autumn quarter 2011, research course
Example: ANTH 469 C, Autumn quarter 2011, public service course

Individual students

If students connected with your department or program participate in faculty research or UW-sponsored public service but do not enroll in a course or earn credit, you may report these as “individuals” in our online system.

Example: Natalie Adams, nadams, 1199887, winter quarter 2012, undergraduate research, 10 hours/week
Example: Greg Hong, ghong, 1177665, Spring quarter 2012, public service, 60 hours total

Data Needed to Complete Your Report


You will be able to view and add courses that have been used in previous year. You may also add courses that do not appear on your list of previously reported courses. You will need:

  • Department abbreviation
  • Course number
  • Section
  • Quarters course offered

You will need to distinguish between a course offered for research credit and a course offered for public service credit. If one course offers credit for either type of student work, you will need to report those students as individuals (see next section) rather than by course.

Individual students
Excel template is available for you to use for uploading these data for individual students. The following data will need to be entered into the Excel template.

  • Student number or UW Net ID (UW email address without the (at)uw.edu extension)
  • Project title
  • Type of activity (Enter “Undergraduate Research” or “Public Service” without quote marks)
  • Faculty UW Net ID (UW email address without the (at)uw.edu extension)
  • Faculty name
  • Hours per week for summer 2011
  • Hours per week for autumn 2011
  • Hours per week for winter 2012
  • Hours per week for spring 2012If the number of hours is a total for the quarter rather than an average number per week, there will be a place to indicate this in the system AFTER UPLOADING the spreadsheet.

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